Palm, “Happy Palm SUNDAY”

Palm’s a great company but when it messes up – it MESSES up!

Well, well, well today is Sunday 28 March 2004 and I’ve got a lot to say about Palm.
1. They continue to offer very good support. Via email or phone, it’s relatively fast.
2. As I reported earlier, my Palm M515 is simply not working right. I’ve been through 2 or 3 of them in only a few weeks, so I bought a Tungsten E. However, I hate it that Palm’s Tungsten E does not have the universal port connector on the bottom. This means that now I have to buy an all knew keyboard, charger, synch cable and etc for my Tungsten E.
3. I got a new wireless Palm keyboard today, after returning the piece of junk from Belkin. I bought a Belkin keyboard from Staples but returned it as it came in two parts – not very good design. So I bought a Palm keyboard from This one is not as nice as the first keyboard I had that works with the Palm M515 and others that use the Palm universal connector but its worlds better than the wireless keyboard from Belkin.
4. I ha dordered the keyboard last week sometime and within seconds got an email telling me that Palm received my order but would only charge my credit card when the keyboard was shipped. A day or two later, I got an email saying that the keyboard shipped. Yesterday, Saturday, I got the keyboard delivered right to my door by the US Postal Service – WITH BATTERIES included. Belkin’s Keyboard had no batteries included.
5. With the keyboard from Palm I got a free keyboard case. But guess what? The case is too small for the keyboard! How could Palm offer me a “free” keyboard case with the purchase of my keyboard and then send me a case made for another keyboard that doesn’t fit.
I emailed Palm support and now I await their answer.
Palm’s got a lot of explaining to do.