Questionable Results at Revamped Yahoo

Well, didn’t I just comment on Yahoo vs Google. Interestingly enough a Washington Post headline (above) pops out at me. Washington Post writer, Leslie Walker, nailed it on the head in her article (below). What portals (search engines) must balance is advertisers and customers.

Say it ain’t so, Yahoo. You wouldn’t sell out loyal users to those money-grubbers on Wall Street, would you?
I am a big fan of Yahoo, believing it has the best general portal on the Web. Still, I am worried about where Yahoo is heading with its revamped Web search, especially after testing it last week.
The best spin may be that Yahoo is experimenting with ways to balance the needs of users and advertisers. The worst would be that Yahoo is letting advertisers rule its search roost, contrary to the way users seem to rule at rival Google. (full story)