SAP Fills Void Between QuickBooks, High-End Accounting

As your business grows, you might that that Intuit’s Quickbooks is getting a bit too small for you. SAP and other vendors like Icode, Microsoft, ACCPAC, Best Software and more want to be that choice.
Smallbizpipeline, hi-lights some of SAP’s offerings:
SAP’s accounting applications are installed in thousands of businesses around the globe. They are used in large, complex organizations, and the general view among small businesses is that SAP is beyond their needs and their means.
At the same time, programs like QuickBooks dominate very small businesses, but as those businesses get larger, these accounting programs’ capacities and features can be stretched beyond their intended use. SAP wants to step in to fill the middle ground with its BusinessOne package, and the product makes a compelling case.
BusinessOne is a full-featured application intended for small- to mid-sized businesses. I tested version 6.50.52, which is new this year to the U.S. market, though SAP has been selling it for some time in the European market. SAP has packaged its core applications in a flexible, capable product that makes sense for businesses struggling to make the best use of their business information. While BusinessOne isn’t cheap — $3,750 per user — it delivers strong value for the price when the features, integration, and depth of capabilities are taken into consideration.
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