Search Engine Strategies Conference gets of to a good start. (New York)

Scott Wolpow, attended the NY City Search Engine Strategies Conference from 1 -4 March 2004.
In this and the next two posts, he relays his happenings.
Monday, March 1, marked the start of the Search Engine Strategies conference. Jupitermedia is hosting this conference at the New York Hilton.
The first time I attended a show like this (1996), it was called Internet Promotions. It was more like a mish-mash of different ideas. From banner advertising to give-a-way promotions.
This conference was different. I attended four different sessions in one track. There was a strong emphasis on ethical search engine rankings.
All the speakers emphasized the fact that there are no short cuts. The only guarantee in placement is paid rankings. These are the sponsored listings that you see to the right and at the top of the result page. They caution against companies that claim to get you to the top of free (or Organic, Inclusion, natural) rankings.
The conference reminds me of the beginning days of the Internet Conferences. They were small and full of potential. This is sure to be a growth industry and a vital way to grow your online business. The show runs until Thursday March the Fourth. For details go to