Search upstarts storm Google’s gates

Google is a great search engine. Why? Because it does one thing really good – serve search results, in a simple and clean window. Not cluttered with junk like Yahoo, MSN or others. However, it also offers other solutions (such as serving ads and etc) but in the same easy to use, simple and great customer service manner.
Rivals – sure they’ll come. But I think Google’s prospects are great.
Cnet is reporting that As speculation of a Google public offering hits a fever pitch, would-be rivals are combing over the company’s business and technology for signs of weakness that could cut short its reign as the king of Web search.
Analysts have already forecast a protracted and difficult battle among Google and Net titans Yahoo and Microsoft, which have both carved out Web search as a key piece of their businesses.
Below the radar, Google also faces Lilliputian threats from a fast-growing group of start-ups that hope to replicate its own meteoric rise from unknown upstart to Internet powerbroker. While most of these companies are long shots, a handful have begun to garner attention from analysts and investors thanks to new technologies that expand on Google’s formula and take it in entirely new directions.
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