Security: educating the unwashed masses

Security is a VERY complex technology issue. HOWEVER, it can be one of the most important. Once you learn how to use your PC right (we never finish learning) you then must know how to use it safely.
Ok so you are careful to open email attachments. But what about other threats like spyware. It’s a never ending game.
For businesses – retain a security consultant (full time or part time) depending on your needs and budget.

The Register writes If you ask the average Internet user about security for their computer, and they either look blankly at you, or mumble something about anti-virus and firewalls, most often without any real idea of what these things are or what they do.
In fact, many of the people who have these products installed on their computer still open strange email attachments promising pictures of celebrities undressed, or some mysterious, unrequested information. So, what’s driving this urge for self-destruction?
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