A Sneak Peek For the Next Windows CE

I been using Palm OS 5.0 so much better than Palm OS 4. Well Internet News gives us a look into the latest version of Windows CE (their OS for mobile devices). The article reads Microsoft (Quote, Chart) took the wraps off a preview of the next level of its Windows operating environment for non-PC devices Monday.
The company announced its Technology Preview Kit for Windows CE 5.0. The OS is designed to give small-footprint devices such as PDAs, digital cameras, printers, scanners and retail point-of-sale terminals the same graphics and multimedia experience as their desktop counterparts.
Previously code-named “Macallan,” version 5.0 adds in features such as Fast Start to support a growing number of IP gateways, gaming devices, and set-top-boxes.
Microsoft released its Windows CE 4.2 with its support of several technologies including voice over IP (VoIP) nearly a year ago. This year, the company said the new 32-bit OS will also support Direct3D Mobile, a Component Object Model (COM)-based programming model and graphics program built on Microsoft’s desktop DirectX technology. Microsoft said it has also increased its support for embedded hardware with more than 50 drivers and chipsets, such as ARM, MIPS, SuperH and x86.
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