Sometimes new is better

Well, only a few hours ago, I just walked into Staples and came out with a $200 Tungsten E. My 2nd, maybe third Palm M515 PDA is broke in only a few months time and I’m so frustrated. The problem started with an electro static discharge issue. Palm sent me an SD card to solve the problem – but it’s not solving the problem.
Also the PDA appears to have lost some of its sensitivities for the stylus position, making it hard to use the stylus.
The Tungsten E has MANY problems…
a) it’s a plastic case – so prone to damage
b) it does not use the Palm Universal connection – so I have to buy a new keyboard, extra synch and power chords
Some benefits
a) more memory (32MB)
b) upgraded software runs better
c) better interface
d) included Word/Excel etc compatible software
e) Real Player for music (maybe videos)
I also bought a new case.