Study: Despite Anti-Spam Laws, E-Mail Users Still Receive Unsolicited Mail

The Boston Herald is reporting that spam is still coming on strong despite the new anti-spam law. But of course! Gun laws do not work against criminals – they keep law abiding citizens from having guns for the most part. Criminals will always get guns.
In the same way, anti-spam laws are going to increase the regulations that legitimate emailers must follow. But for hard cor viagra spammers – the law means nothing.
The Boston Globe article reads Unbelievable mortgage rates, inexpensive prescriptions drugs and quick fixes for losing inches are just some of the unwanted offers that end up in e-mail boxes daily.
At home, people’s Internet service providers such as AOL block spam, said Jeff Rodemyer, owner of J. R. Computer Technologies in Springettsbury Township.
In business, he said, a company typically implements programs to block spam.
The first anti-spam legislation went into effect Jan. 1, but the Pew Internet and American Life Project released study findings today that show Internet users remain frustrated.
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