Users baffled by smartphones

This is where technology and me collide. I love technology. I’m Mr. Gadget. My desk has 3 PDAs, a black berry, wires, chargers, you name it. HOWEVER, I believe in the simplicity of technology. Smartphones are nice and I’m sure some of the upper-crust geeks use them. But when you want to talk, you want to talk – get a phone. When you want to really email – get a notebook computer or something no less than a Blackberry.
Smartphones try to be all things to all people – and frankly don’t achieve anything much.

IfoSync World writes Following up on quantitative research from February which showed that only 40% of IT managers had confidence in smartphones as a business tool, Intuwave has conducted focus groups of business smartphone users that highlighted concern with smartphone quality and customer service.
According to Intuwave, its results point to core ‘hygiene’ factors not being addressed by device manufacturers and mobile network operators which are hitting the industry’s bottom line through increased product returns, lower service adoption and increased support costs.(full story)