Web browsers: A few small alternatives, like Opera, are thriving

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer with Google’s tool bar and that works just fine for me. But if you want more power – Opera might be the way to way.
Mercury News is reporting that When it comes to browsers, you might assume we’ve reached the end of history: There was a huge fight in the mid-1990s between Microsoft and Netscape, Microsoft won, and now everybody uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
Yet that’s not quite the whole story. A few small alternatives to IE are thriving, much like the first mammals running between the toes of slow-moving dinosaurs.
Opera Software with its elegant Opera browser (www.opera.com), based in Oslo, Norway, is the only for-profit company making a serious effort to compete against IE. This isn’t a suicide mission: Opera Software raised $18 million on March 10 in an initial public stock offering that was so hot investors asked for 20 times more shares than were available. (full story)