Web browsing…it’s more than Microsoft Internet Explorer

While most of us make due with Microsoft’s Internet Explorere web browser, with possible additional add-ons (from Google – that I use), there’s a smaller percentage of users that user other browsers. USA Today writes, According to OneStat, a Dutch company that monitors global browser usage, almost 95% of all Web surfers use Internet Explorer. The remaining 5% of users is spread among several other browsers.
Surprisingly, Netscape isn’t one of them. OneStat says that the former browser behemoth doesn’t have enough market share to make the list. The better-known alternative browsers are Mozilla, Opera and Safari.
All three offer features not found in Internet Explorer. For example, they have built-in pop-up blockers and search utilities. Those features are not offered by Internet Explorer but can be added with the free Google Toolbar.
They also have tabbed browsing. You can open a link and simultaneously add a tab to the window’s edge. Instead of having numerous open windows, you can view multiple Web sites in one window.
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