Word Perfect 12 will be launched this April

The latest version of the great Word Perfect, version 12, will be launched in April. As the the leading alternative to MicrosoftÆ Office Corel is very excited about this and with 18 millions users world wide Corel should be excited.
“WordPerfect is back!” said Amish Mehta, Corel CEO. “No office suite excites more passion than WordPerfect, and Corel is firmly committed to ensuring WordPerfect Office 12 is a tremendous success.
It’s a new day at Corel and a new opportunity for both existing and prospective customers to experience the full benefits of an alternative office suite backed by one of the world’s best recognized software developers.”
“Today there is a significant number of consumers and small-to-medium sized businesses who are looking for a change,” said Richard Carriere, Director of Office Productivity at Corel. “With WordPerfect Office 12 we’re addressing those customers who feel they’ve been shut out of a cutting-edge office suite by high costs or restrictive licensing terms. WordPerfect Office 12 offers exceptional value for new customers, but we also know that our enhancements to compatibility give our existing users the reason they need to upgrade. It’s a very exciting time for WordPerfect customers.”
HOWEVER, is Microsoft too far ahead. Should Corel fold up shop?