Yahoo and Google may pose biggest challenge for Microsoft is reporting: Search engines powering web use: Software giant becoming less important than online agenda being set by others
Kenneth Insana depends on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system to make his computer run, but Yahoo and Google have become the guiding forces on his desktop.
Yahoo has been Insana’s online home page for the past two years, largely because the Web site serves as a one-stop source of information, e-mail, entertainment, shopping and social networking.
When he can’t locate what he wants with Yahoo, Insana heads over to Google.
“If I can’t find something there, I figure I’m not going to find it anywhere,” said Insana, a 29-year-old entrepreneur in Bellerose, N.Y.
Millions of other computer users are following a similar path on the Internet, threatening Microsoft’s stranglehold on computer desktops for the first time since Netscape Communications pioneered the Web browser in the mid-1990s.
This time, Microsoft faces two rivals – Google, the world’s most popular Web surfing vehicle, and Yahoo, the Internet’s most popular destination. (full story)