Your Web Site: Template or Web Developer had a well balanced, but simple aticle, on the pros and cons of using a web based template service vs a professional web desinger for your web site.
Those who are not sure – should read.
Here’s a no-brainer: Pay developers a hefty sum to customize your Web site or create a cutting-edge Web presence using inexpensive, predesigned templates from an online service.
Sure, if you choose the template option, your site will incorporate features and layouts you can find on other Web sites. Still, your Web pages will be different because of the colors you select, your logo and — most importantly — your own marketing material and message.
And the payoff is that you’ll likely spend $1,000 or less, compared to several thousand dollars for a original Web presence.
Is a customized site really worth the extra bucks? A lot of people involved in Web development are betting you’ll say no. An increasing number of companies – from local and regional developers to national and international online services – now offer template solutions to those who want a site that looks good, performs well and is relatively inexpensive.
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