Archive of April 2004 is one of those companies birthed (1999) in the “glories” of the dot-com explosion, tried “we’ll get zillions of eyeballs and make money

However,, like Intuit and Microsoft, has top notch management and knows how to change course, and shift strategy when things aren’t going quite right. This also reminds me of Dell. Thy were in the market of selling, slick, all in one computers at one point. The darn things just weren’t selling well so guess […]

Wireless Tops List of CIO Priorities

News Factor Network writes “Technology for technology’s sake” and “keeping up with the Joneses” are phrases rarely heard from today’s CIOs. I.T. executives are focused on aligning technology with the business, rather than aligning the business to fit whatever new technology surfaces. When CIO Today asked CIOs from Fortune 1000 companies to name the most […]

CEOs Learn the Technology Ropes

Business Week writes Burned by pricey projects with scant returns in the ’90s, chief execs are now savvier and watch CIOs and IT spending far closer (full story) Business Week has a great technology section this week: CEOs Learn the Technology Ropes Burned by pricey projects with scant returns in the ’90s, chief execs are […]

Hey, boss: I’m not slacking, I’m telecommuting

Telecommuting can be great for employees (more flexibility) and businesses (less money on office space). But make sure you produce and ensure theirs communication between the employee and boss. ZD Net’s Brian Cooley writes …it’s 2004, and telecommuting still has the stink of laziness all over it. It’s still tough getting managers to accept the […]

Free wireless Internet planned for Washington Mall

See, you SHOULD have wireless access in your mobile device. Wireless access is gaining traction everywhere. CNN writes Frisbee-throwers and lawmakers alike could soon be able to access free wireless Internet on Washington’s National Mall under a plan announced by a nonprofit group Wednesday. Members of the Open Park Project already have set up a […]

Report: SMBs Outspending Big Firms on I.T.

News Factor writes Small and mid-size businesses are outspending their larger brethren on I.T. and plan to increase their purchases in 2004 by 6.6 percent over the previous year, compared to a 1.7 percent increase in spending expected from big firms. The findings come from the latest data gathered by Forrester Research. SMBs and large […]

My First Linux Server

If you are looking for your first, all purpose file server, it’s easy to instinctively choose a server from HP, Dell or IBM with Microsoft Small Business Server or Windows 2000 server on it. There are several, appliances, such as Emerge Core’s IT in a Box, based on Linux that provide a host of solutions. […]

NetSuite Adds Agriculture Vertical Customer Wins

I usually do not include full press releases, but this press release clearly showcases the benefits of technology in a business. Press Release: NetSuite, Inc., announced new in-roads in the agriculture vertical market by signing up new customers, including Central Valley Processing (former Peachtree user), a large almond processing company in central California; Alligator River […]

Calls of the Wild – The phone business is in turmoilócellular is growing, and now every line into your home can be used to carry calls. A user’s guide to help you tame the telecom beasts. The “voip” technology that enables you to place telephone calls via the Internet is catching on in a huge […]