Be your own Wi-Fi hotspot

If your business gets a lot of traffic, you MIGHT want to consider becoming a provider of wireless Internet access. I’m sure there are all kinds of hurdles and considerations – but technically, it’s a piece of cake to set up.
The Register is reporting that Wi-Fi hotspots aggregator Boingo has become the latest WLAN player to offer a ‘hotspot in a box’ package to venue owners keen to hop onto the wireless Internet access bandwagon.
And it reckons such sites can easily net profits of $300-400 a month if they sign up.
Boingo’s Hot Spot in a Box offer incorporates a Linksys wireless gateway unit ready for connection to an “existing” broadband link – ie. connectivity’s not part of the package. Actually, neither is the router, really. Essentially, venues just go out and buy a $230 Linksys Wireless-G VPN Broadband Router (model number WRV54G) from any retailer then download the firmware that ties the box into the Boingo network, along with appropriate set-up details. (full story)