The black lining to Symantec’s silver cloud

Symantec is a great company but in its quest to serve the slave masters of Wall Street it wants to expand more and more and more.
Symantec is a leader in the anti-virus space but wants to get more market share in other areas such as in the big business or Enterprise Customer space.
Cnet writes The company has been told many times by Wall Street it was not growing its enterprise business fast enough. It has been showing some growth, but not to the degree people had hoped for,” said Tom Berquist, a Smith Barney Citigroup analyst. “There is risk in relying heavily on consumer sales. If virus attacks slow down and people have bought all the protection they need, then Symantec’s growth will slow down to the rate of IT as a whole. They need to step up their enterprise security business that is not tied to antivirus, in case consumer antivirus slows.” (full story)