Calls of the Wild – The phone business is in turmoilócellular is growing, and now every line into your home can be used to carry calls. A user’s guide to help you tame the telecom beasts.
The “voip” technology that enables you to place telephone calls via the Internet is catching on in a huge way. You can’t help be see VOIP provider, Vonage advertising all over the ‘net.

Newsweek writes Peeved about your phone bills? Timid about new technologies? Me too. Rates and services constantly change. All the big carriers are increasing their fees. Cheaper but less reliable wireless can drive you nuts. We have created a world of telecom monsters, and can’t seem to gain control. And now something new: phone calls over the Internet, using a technology known as VoIP (for “voice over Internet Protocol”). It will open the door to new competitors, unhinge the industry and even save us some money. So it’s time to wrestle with the phone beasts again. There’s a lot of new stuff since the last time you looked. (full story)