Desktop computers finally shrinking

Personally I don’t mind the large mini-tower sized computers. I used to think, however that I needed them in case I wanted to expand, internally. But guess what, lately, I have been adding a lot to my computer, but a lot of it has been via USB.

CNN Money reports that Computer makers are getting hip to what style mavens have known for decades: The term “desktop computer” is itself a contradiction in terms as its bulk typically ensures that it will wind up under the desk instead.
Even as the race to miniaturize computer chips, laptops, and cellphones continues, the size of most desktop computers has largely remained as a towering hunk of aluminum and plastic, save for some notable exceptions such Apple Computer Inc.’s iconoclastic iMac series, launched in 1998.
That’s all changing. A slew of new PCs that recently hit the market are sizing down and jazzing up conventional design, prepping it for display in a more pleasing setting such as the den or the living room.
“The next form factor battles are beginning to be fought in the living room,” said Peter Kastner, an analyst at the Aberdeen Group in Boston. Factors including size and decor suddenly matter a lot, he added.