Don’t Go to Your PC, Let Your PC Come to You

So I guess Gotomypc has even more competition now!
RemotelyAnywhere announced today the availability of LogMeIn ( — the easiest, most secure way to gain full access to your computer from virtually any Internet-connected computer — worldwide.
With LogMeIn, anyone can use their Windows-based home or office computer simply by logging in from any internet-connected device with a Web browser — including desktop and laptop computers, handhelds and non-Windows computers such as Apple and Linux-based systems. Once connected through the LogMeIn web site, users can operate their home or office computer as if they were sitting in front of it. This includes accessing all files and documents, printing, e-mailing and all other tasks.
“We’ve found that once you give someone the ability to perform some tasks remotely, they want to do everything remotely,” said Michael Simon, president and CEO, RemotelyAnywhere. “LogMeIn is the first remote-control solution that solves all the needs of mobile professionals, including inbound access, outbound support and multi-user collaboration. This is about making technology easier and more convenient to use, while keeping information totally secure.”