Introduces Virtual Safe Deposit Box

Nothing really special here in what is doing. However, for only about $10 per year, for 50MB that’s not bad. HOWEVER, remember, if you’ve got extra web hosting space you can simply FTP files to your web server also – and accomplish the same thing., has unveiled Virtual Safe Deposit Box, an innovative solution for keeping important digital files and documents bank-vault safe, providing secure online storage protection separate from the personal computer.
The Virtual Safe Deposit Box allows users to back-up, store, retrieve and share files whenever and wherever they have an Internet connection. With industry-leading 128-bit encryption and password protection, all significant documents — from company documents and spreadsheets to personal documents such as wills, tax records, deeds and priceless family histories — are safeguarded from loss or illegal access for only $9.95 per year.
“The Virtual Safe Deposit Box is more secure than saving files onto a disc or onto the desktop of your computer,” said Bob Parsons, president and founder of “For only pennies a day, your most important files are stored safely on our state-of-the-art servers, which are monitored and physically protected 24/7.”
Users also can compress or expand files to make the most of 50MB of storage space. Additional storage capacity can also be purchased. Easy uploading of files ensures that large documents can be securely and conveniently shared among family, friends and associates. In addition, users can organize files and folders online through advanced file management tools.
In addition, current Go Daddy e-mail customers have the added bonus of storing their emails and attachments through Web-mail without downloading anything to their PC’s.
“There are many online file storage solutions for you to choose from, but with Virtual Safe Deposit Box, irreplaceable files are no longer vulnerable to damage, loss or theft,” says Parsons. “It is the best way to back-up, protect and safeguard your most important information.”