How does Symantec deal with most viruses – it gives it to SARA

(Motoaki Yamamura, Symantec’s senior development manager, says he sleeps much better these days, thanks to Sara.)
USA Today reports that Sara is the linchpin of Symantec’s virus-hunting operation, one of the largest labs of its kind and the engine behind the best-selling virus-fighting software, Norton AntiVirus. She is so important that she has a glass office in the middle of the building and is the constant center of attention.
But Sara is no person. She ¬— or it ¬— is a computer.
The affectionate name for Symantec AntiVirus Research Automation, Sara represents the front line in the world’s fight against computer viruses. The computer automatically screens thousands of files flying around the Internet that are suspected of containing new virus strains.
With no human help, Sara disinfects tainted files and sends out digital cures to millions of computers before an epidemic has a chance to set in. Sara even e-mails instructions to users on how to disinfect their computers, written in any of 17 languages.
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