How To Find Old E-mail

I often have this problem in using Eudora. While there are programs one can download to search gigabytes of hard disk space, there’s not many options, readily available, to search an email box. When using Eudora’s built in search engine, at times it works but most times, I find it too limited.’s Larry Magid writes Web search engines like Google have made it fast and easy to find just about anything on the Internet. But what about data on your own hard drive? Strangely, that’s a bit harder.
It’s even hard to find old e-mail messages, especially if you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express – the world’s leading e-mail programs for Windows. These two programs have a search function but it’s annoyingly slow, especially if you have a lot of e-mail in your in and out boxes.
Fortunately, there are two new products on the market designed to speed up the process of search for old mail. Isys E-mail Search from Odyssey Development ( works with the Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora e-mail programs to make it a snap to find old messages based on their content.
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