Lindows Offers Free OS Download

Linux, offered by “Lindows” might be just great and fine, however, offering Lindows as a free download is NOT good enough. Lindows will crash and burn soon – like other “dot-coms”. Linux is going to continue to be used more and more, however I’m not so sure about the chances that Lindows has. is reporting that What better way is there to drum up interest in your software after a shift in its brand name? If you’re Lindows CEO Michael Robertson, you give it away.
At least, that’s the reasoning he gave readers of his periodic mailing list Wednesday afternoon, after he announced that Lindows, the desktop Linux distributor, was changing its name to Linspire. The change was mandated by a court ruling that said it was too close to Microsoft’s Windows trademark.
“Most computer users have never experienced Lindows, so we have a chance to make that all-important first impression,” he told his readership. “We will work hard to make sure Linspire comes to stand for affordability and choice as well as ease of use.”
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