Location, location, location? Forget about it

ZDNet report, Rafe Needleman, writes One of the big selling points of Internet telephone services, such as Vonage, is that customers can pick any area code they want. Running a small financial consulting company out of Montana and want it to look a bit more cosmopolitan? Get a tony 617 (Boston) area code. (Unfortunately, Vonage seems to be fresh out of the primo Manhattan 212 area code–but, then, even some people who live there can’t get those anymore.)
Or say you’re running a small tech business in Bangalore but want customers to think you’re operating out of Silicon Valley. You can get a nice 408 area code to go with your hip Web address. Take your VoIP (Voice over IP) router to your office in India, and not only will you save a fortune in overseas calls, your customers won’t ever know you’re 8,800 miles away.
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