Losing files on your computer

Over the years, I, like you, have accumulated thousands and thousands of digital files and email messages. I’m a very organized person and so often times can find what I want. However, at times I do find myself using Eudora’s (my email program) search tool or the basic Windows XP search tool.
While these tools are “ok” it takes so long. What’s needed is a tool to pre-index the entire hard disk and bring results faster and more relevant.
The NY Times today reads A large hard drive and a short memory can be a bad combination if you are trying to find a specific file in a sea of gigabytes. Although the built-in search tool in Windows can help locate files by name, type or date modified, the X1 program from X1 Technologies can drill down further and locate files by specific words or phrases within an e-mail message or document. (full story)