Make Outsourcing Work For Your Small Business

Outsourcing, the process of letting another company do a particular service for your business, can help your business or greatly harm it. Before you outsource, it is so important to make sure you know what to and what not to outsource AND which company to choose as your outsourcing partner.

The Wall Street Journal’s Startup Journal writes What stops many people from starting their own businesses isn’t necessarily the lack of a good idea, but the details involved in getting going. If you’re stumbling on the finer points of starting up, consider hiring someone else to do them for you.
Outsourcing isn’t something that just big companies do. Some small-business owners are outsourcing more, too, so that they can concentrate on what they do best.
They outsource what they hate to do, like invoicing, or what they’re not good at, like designing their Web site. Entrepreneur and author Deborah Jacobson says some business owners are just not good at selling.
“A lot of people can devise a fabulous product. But the selling of it? Forget it. The marketing of it? No,” says Ms. Jacobson, who wrote “150 Jobs You Can Start Today: Creative Ways to Make Money Now” (Broadway, 2003).
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