Microsoft: Not enough XPerienced PCs

It’s no doubt that more people are not upgrading to Windows XP. Sure it’s a good operating system, but with so many businesses having Windows 2000 and even millions still using Windows 98 (or gasp Windows NT) – moving to Windows XP is not a “no brainer”.
Upgrading an operating system is more than just the operating system. But often the upgrade entails more memory, more hard disk space OR a new PC.
Cnet is reporting that While Microsoft is pleased with robust sales of new PCs that come loaded with Windows XP, the company has been less than satisfied with the rate at which large companies are installing its latest operating system.
“In the area of deployment, I don’t think that’s met my expectations,” Kevin Johnson, Microsoft’s group vice president for worldwide sales and marketing, told CNET in a recent interview.
An executive at one Microsoft customer, computer security firm SecureMethods, explained that there just isn’t enough in Windows XP to justify the time and costs of upgrading. Rather than pay for a companywide license to use the latest version of Windows, SecureMethods just takes whatever OS comes installed on new PCs.