Mounting Business Losses Boost Anti-Spam Market

My previous post is a direct contradiction or warning to this post. So interesting.
However, while spam is a huge headache and problem to so many businesses, it’s a cash cow for others – many start ups but also more established companies.
Companies are looking for the best solutions to beat spam. Spam a) wastes time b) clogs of network resources c) could be a security hazard.
News Factor reads U.S. businesses lost about US$4 billion in productivity last year because of spam, and those losses could mount without an intervening technology or policy to curb unwanted messages. But, on a macabre note, the anti-spam market has a bright future and could eclipse $500 million annually.
The latest research from Yankee Group shows that unsolicited e-mail is hardly abating, and current solutions to the problem do not hold much promise in the near term. There are several new ideas on the table, though none enjoys majority support from experts and enterprises.
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