NetSuite’s Money-Back Claim Draws Scoffs

Now that the “wow” factor of ASPs have faded. ASPs are looking for more ways to differentiate their services.
News Factor is reporting that Now that the software-as-service model is gaining credibility — and, more to the point, market share — vendors are having to differentiate themselves on grounds other than affordability.
Of course, functionality is one such area, and application service providers (ASPs) have worked hard to show they can deliver sophisticated business processes through a Web-based model. Security is another concern that ASPs have had to address. How can enterprise customers be sure that their proprietary data is safe when housed on someone else’s servers?
Now, the issue of uptime has come to the fore. And two ASPs are duking it out over competing claims. NetSuite has announced a guarantee of 99.5 percent uptime, offering to refund a month’s subscription fee to any customer whose service falls short of that goal.
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