palmOne Professional Services Makes Creating Customized Mobile Business Solutions Easier Than Ever Before

The world of mobile computing is powerful and can really be a competitive advantage for businesses that can strategically leverage mobile technology. Getting hardware for your business is easy, but getting software that can talk to your back office servers is an entirely different matter.
In that connection, palmOne Professional Services, in conjunction with select system integrators, independent hardware and software vendors, and value-added resellers, provides businesses with the resources and know-how required to conceive, design, test, implement and deploy customized mobile solutions with palmOne devices. It also offers technical expertise to help businesses complete mobile solutions already in progress. palmOne Professional Services can work on-site with developers, leading or assisting with any stage of a mobile solution’s development lifecycle.
The group offers a range of services from full lifecycle scoping, design and development of mobile solutions to technical support and training. In addition, for businesses who require pilot projects, or that do not want to invest in the upfront costs for infrastructure, development or ongoing maintenance, palmOne Professional Services offers a mobile application hosting service that can quickly be customized and deployed for a small monthly fee. palmOne manages the services infrastructure and provides an organization with personalized access to a secure website to view, download and manage data captured from handhelds in the field.
For example, an insurance company may want to provide its field sales force with mobile solutions for generating quick and accurate policy quotes for customers, but may lack the support to develop a custom mobile application for palmOne handhelds. In this scenario, palmOne Professional Services could educate in-house staff on the tools and best practices associated with developing the most efficient mobile solutions and then provide technical expertise to assist the company’s application development and deployment efforts.