$pam, $pam, lovely $pam

There’s a huge political and technical cry against spam and MANY anti-spam companies are getting their share of the anti-spam dollars. However, CNN Money wisely reports that maybe, just maybe this is yet another “tech bubble” ready to burst anytime now.

The article reads Two weeks ago, software developer Tumbleweed Communications (TMWD: Research, Estimates) announced it was buying privately held Corvigo, which sells a Linux-based anti-spam filter. Shares of Tumbleweed, which already had other anti-spam products, are up nearly 500 percent during the past 12 months.
And last week, private anti-spam software company Brightmail filed to go public. As unwanted e-mail continues to be a huge problem for corporations and consumers, analysts expect both more mergers in the sector and more companies looking to go public.

The main point is this, as the article reads Room for a handful, not a hundred, spam fighters (full story)