PCs teeming with spyware – EarthLink

ZD Net is reporting that Earthlinksays that each PC scanned by its free audit service during the first three months of this year harboured an average of 28 spyware programs
EarthLink is starting to keep score in its fight against spyware.
The Internet service provider on Thursday said it found an average of nearly 28 spyware items on each PC it scanned during the first quarter. The company, in conjunction with Webroot Software, conducted a total of 1.06 million scans through its Spy Audit service. The majority of the items found were relatively harmless, EarthLink said, but some represented serious problems.
The term “spyware” has yet to be precisely pinned down. EarthLink uses it to describe several types of software code that might be deposited on a person’s computer, often when freeware or shareware such as peer-to-peer programs are downloaded. The most common type, it said, is adware: software that displays ads and also sends data back to a third party. Others include system monitors, which track a computer user’s online activity.
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