PKWARE Introduces SecureZIP for Windows

PKWARE, Inc., recently announced SecureZIP for Windows, the fourth generation of its Windows-based security solution and the first from the company’s new SecureZIP product line. PKWARE has introduced SecureZIP to provide enterprises with a reliable, cost-effective solution for protecting confidential information — with minimal disruption to organizations’ IT infrastructures and users. SecureZIP is designed to help organizations comply with the increasing number of regulations related to data privacy as well as assisting IT security managers in dealing with mounting pressures to better manage and protect proprietary information.
PKWARE built SecureZIP on the widely-adopted and completely interoperable ZIP standard, providing state-of-the-art strong encryption and authentication that addresses common obstacles faced by IT managers related to wide-scale security implementation and usability — both inside and outside the organization. SecureZIP for Windows is the first offering available from PKWARE’s cross-platform SecureZIP product family, which covers all major computing platforms, including UNIX, Linux, iSeries midrange, and zSeries mainframe systems.