Report: SMBs Outspending Big Firms on I.T.

News Factor writes Small and mid-size businesses are outspending their larger brethren on I.T. and plan to increase their purchases in 2004 by 6.6 percent over the previous year, compared to a 1.7 percent increase in spending expected from big firms. The findings come from the latest data gathered by Forrester Research.
SMBs and large enterprises differ in how they are deploying the technologies that help them execute. Small companies are discovering many new technologies for the first time, and viewing them as vehicles for growth.
Large corporations — defined by Forrester as organizations with more than 1,000 employees — generally have an assortment of high-tech bells and whistles in place. These enterprises are focused on using existing infrastructure more efficiently, which translates into smaller budgets for new I.T. investments.
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