Revamped launches is one of the best sites on the ‘net for information. Google is great for wide ranging searches. Yahoo’s is great when you know what you want and want to get a nice list of useful starting points. But is great if you want a rich set of information put together by a human that is passionate about that topic.
Reuters/Cnet writes Internet portal has been overhauled in an effort to draw in more readers and build brand identity, parent company Primedia said Tuesday.
“Previously, the About branding wasn’t as strong as it should be,” said Peter Horan,’s CEO. “We want folks to view more pages on the site, and spend more time every time they visit us.”
The relaunch of, which offers consumer-focused information on topics such as travel, food and health, is part of a series of changes at Primedia, which hired new Chief Executive Kelly Conlin in October. Primedia also sold high-profile magazines such as New York in an effort to focus more on special interest and business-to-business publications. And Primedia earlier this year reorganized into four new business units to try to bolster performance.
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