RSS readers offer new ways to keep up with the Web

If you want to get a LOT of information, then consider RSS.
USA Today writes Noticed those little orange boxes on the Web lately with the letters “XML”? It’s not a mystery or an obscure engineering feature, but rather a new way to get news and information delivered to your PC without having to browse through page after page of Internet sites.
Called RSS, for Really Simple Syndication, these feeds are used to send information across the Internet using XML, or eXtensible Markup Language, the de facto new standard in formatting Web pages and information to be sent over networks.
“Technology has made more information available more readily,” said Jim Pitkow, chief executive of Moreover, one of the architects of RSS, also shorthand for Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary. “But on the Internet the access time to get to that information has been greatly reduced.”
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