Schedule Backups, Synchronize Folders and Share Files – New Web Service Has It All

There’s many solutions on the market, but few that do backup, synchronization and sharing. I’ve been testing out Groove and it has EXTENSIVE file sharing and synchronization features – but not backup. There’s many online backup solutions but not many that offer other file sharing features as well. is one such solution that you might want to consider. An “el-cheapo” solution for sharing files from PC to PC with yourself is to email files to yourself.
I’ve also been using which I LOVE. I can access a host PC – including file download/upload from a remote PC. So many solutions.
Now this – FilesAnywhere ( is offering a new Internet backup solution that backs up computer files and allows secure access to files via the web. FilesAnywhere can also synchronize folders between locations, share files and entire folders with anyone, track changes and even store different file versions automatically.
FilesAnywhere is a leading provider of web-based file storage and file sharing. The new Remote Backup service introduces a new dimension to online file storage. Remote Backup automatically backs up local folders and makes the backed up files available from any web-enabled computer. For users who need to access files at multiple locations, Remote Backup provides synchronization of folders. Remote Backup and Synchronization can be launched at system startup, shutdown, on a fixed schedule, or on-demand.
“FilesAnywhere is reliable and inexpensive,” explains Tim Rice, FilesAnywhere CEO. “Nearly everyone is frustrated with PC backup solutions. Backup software does not work consistently, is too cumbersome for everyday use, and errors in tape media can interrupt or suspend regular backups altogether. Many users have abandoned a backup routine, ignoring the risk. This can be a costly mistake, since the growing number of viruses and hacker attacks make computers susceptible to data loss every day. FilesAnywhere Remote Backup provides an easy solution, automating your backups and moving them offsite to protected storage. Remote Backup provides peace of mind, and web access to files is a practical convenience for all types of computer users.”
Remote Backup plans start at $8.95 for a 100mb file storage account. Plans are available for individuals or organizations, up to 200GB in expandable storage capacity. The Remote Backup application installs quickly on your PC. You select the folders to backup or synchronize between locations, then choose a schedule. The backup and synchronization run automatically in the background, backing up all changed files to a remote storage account, or synchronizing folders with the latest modified files.
Security is managed transparently by encrypting all files with a password. Security technology features strong Blowfish 128-bit encryption. For added security, access over the web is secured using SSL 128-bit encryption.
A new PhotoFolder feature coming later this month allows users to easily create, view, and share photo albums online, in addition to backing up important family photos.
The Remote Backup solution can be evaluated for free. FilesAnywhere offers a 10-day full-featured trial with no obligation.