Software maker plays mobile hand

I hate to think that Microsoft Office, with Corel’s Word Perfect a very distance second place, are the only games in town – however, that is the case. Other vendors may have luck selling to very niche or local markets, but overall the game is all wrapped up.
ZD Net is reporting that Germany-based SoftMaker, which has been selling word processing software in its homeland since the mid 1980s, recently began marketing its word processing and spreadsheet software in the United States. The company was promoting its wares at the Desktop Linux Summit here.
SoftMaker enters an increasingly crowded market. Besides Microsoft’s market-leading Office, Corel’s WordPerfect, Sun Microsystems’ StarOffice and its open-source sibling OpenOffice are competing for space on PC desktops. Specialty software maker such as Britain’s Ability Plus also hope to take a chunk out of Microsoft’s dominance.
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