Software makers ready desktop lockdown

Cnet is reporting that All it takes is a quick run through the headlines to see why some software makers might think there’s a market for products that lock down common types of business documents by restricting access to authorized recipients.

But the market for such tools remains small and fragmented, despite recent entries by high-profile players Microsoft and Adobe Systems. Analysts expect the market to grow slowly for at least the next few years, as companies wait for the technology to mature and IT budgets to loosen.
The relative youth of this technology is evidenced by the fact that it doesn’t have an agreed-upon name yet. Various software makers use “enterprise rights management,” “document rights management” and “information rights management” to refer to similar technology. Others simply use the blanket term “digital rights management” (DRM), though that is more commonly linked with technology employed to prevent unauthorized copying of movies, music and other published content.
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