Sun To Sell Java Desktops via Wal-Mart Site

Linux vendors, want to get a larger piece of the consumer and small business pie. However, the market is just not right yet. Try it yourself. Buy a Linux desktop and see how easy it is to work the way you want. You simply can’t download or buying from a retail store, all the nice software you are used to using. What about hardware? You’ve got to ensure the hardware you buy has a Linux driver.
Sorry it’s not worth it – yet.

News Factor writes Sun says it has finalized its agreement with Microtel Computer Systems to sell machines loaded with Sun’s Java Desktop System on And Sun is confident that its JDS version 2.0 will be another nibble toward its goal of taking a big bite out of Microsoft’s Windows dominance.
Sun announced that Microtel computers are available for sale — from US$298 to $698 — with the option to load JDS. Microtel, which is based in the Los Angeles metro area, makes a range of computers from laptops to servers. The component options of the JDS-installed build-to-order PCs include AMD or Intel processors running from 1.6 to 3 GHz, and a variety of choices in such categories as motherboard, hard drive and so on.
IDC does not foresee Linux on the desktop grabbing much more than a 3 percent share, Kusnetzky says. Windows share of the desktop OS market has grown to 95 percent, though IDC does not yet have 2003 data available.
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