ZoEmail’s bold goal ó ‘the demise of spam’ ó gets off to a strong start

I like ZoEmail’s spam blocker better than any I’ve seen before. Challenge/response systems set up too high a barrier and lead to missed emails I think. Other solutions that really try to block only spam let too much spam in. ZoEmail appears to be just right. But my solution is still best – just patiently delete what you don’t want.

Edward Baig of USA Today writes Here’s how ZoEmail works. Most e-mail addresses adhere to a familiar format: “edbaig@zoemail.net,” where edbaig is the user name and zoemail.net the domain.
ZoEmail adds a third component, known as the key. It is a unique string of randomly generated or user-created letters and numbers. The key is sandwiched between the user name and domain, and is included in an e-mail address assigned to a specific sender.
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