Archive of May 2004

Online retailer – it’s now boom and not bust

Well, the brave (and some stupid) venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who made the first stakes in the online world can now (and we’ve already seen this much earlier – via eBay and many smaller online retailers) are now surely vindicated. The NY Times is reporting that INTERNET retailers killed in the dot-com bust can now […]

Got Wireless? Got security?

As you go about installing a wireless network in your business, it is VERY important that you secure it. There’s basic, out of the box security you can “turn on” such as WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol). However, this security is not very secure and an expert can still break into your wireless network, but WEP […]

Linux. What keeps Microsoft up at night

If there’s one thing that keeps Microsoft up at night – it’s Linux. For years Microsoft has been able to coast relatively unchallenged as it sold its server and desktop computing software (applications and operating system) to businesses. It has a comfortable 80% or more lock on the market. However, over the last several quarters, […]

High speed internet – easier than ever

Getting reasonably low cost and high speed access to the Internet gets better every quarter. Costs are coming down, competition is increasing and it gets easier to install. It’s no longer just a necessity for businesses, but even consumers who are active online users can use a broadband connection. The NY Times gives an excellent […]

NY Enterprise Report – newly launched

I’m happy to announce that the New York Enterprise Report has recently published it’s first issue. Its first issue has wisdom from serial entrepreneur Norm Brodsky as a cover story and much more – including an article from Ramon Ray, Editor, (Ramon will be a regular columnist). Robert S. Levin is Editor-in-Chief & Publisher […]

Smart Computing. A great tech mag for learning about tech

I had been reading Smart Computing Magazine for some time, but then about a year or more ago, I unsubscribed. Well after talking to my colleague Jennifer Shaheen, the Technology Therapist I subscribed again, after hearing about she learned from the magazine. Smart Computing magazine is full of useful tips to help consumers but also […]

Does Information Technology Matter anymore?

I’ve been reading Nicholas Carr’s “Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage” and although I don’t not completely agree with Mr. Carr’s view, he definitely gives pause to businesses that just buy technology with no thought in how to use it beyond “business as usual”. There’s so much technology available, but […]

Security Update for Windows

Microsoft has released a major security patch that fixes critical holes in Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0 and Windows server 2003. PC World writes Six of these are rated “critical,” and most of them occur in Windows XP, 2000, and NT 4.0, and in Windows Server 2003. For users of XP, this bundle of fixes […]

iPass Teams With IBM to Sell iPass Mobile Connectivity Services to IBM ThinkPad Customers

iPass announces iPass Inc. (NASDAQ:IPAS) announced today an agreement with IBM’s Personal Computing Division to work together on sales of iPass mobile connectivity services to IBM ThinkPad customers in North America. Under the terms of the agreement, IBM will promote iPass connectivity services to enterprises that need to provide mobile workers with simple, secure and […]