Bye Bye – Gotomypc

Well today I cancelled my subscription as I was not using it that much and didn’t’ see a need to pay $19.95 for something I’m not using.
Why am I telling you?
Well callers who are canceling their Gotomypc subscription are sent to a dedicated line of representatives.
Closing my account was fast, but I was impressed by the person on the phone. She asked why I was leaving and she asked, if I were offered a lower price – would I stay.
I declined and continued canceling my service, but congratulations to for your excellent service and attempts at keeping customers.
At the conclusion of our call, the representative gave me her direct number to call in case I wanted to reinstate my service.

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  1. Anonymous

    Now, this is what I mean by service! Thanks for sharing the quality experience you’ve had with I have no use for the tool as I use a web-based back-up service but, with this information, if anyone ever asks me about them, I can say that I know someone who has had a great experience with them.

    I recently cancelled two online services. I follwed their instructions to cancel the service and I was never even sent a confirmation that my service was cancelled. I had to send the owner an email and ask if he had gotten my cancellation request. What a waste of my time. You know what I’m going to say if someone asks me about them, don’t you???

    The other cancellation was done by phone and although they asked me the reason for cancelling, they never made an offer to improve their service based on my needs. Essentailly, it’s a service that you would really need to use daily but, there is no daily email reminder to check in…people are busy and my Palm is packed as is…a simple daily email reminder would be nice. Not everyone would want this but, at least give me the option!

    Well, I’m off my soapbox (for now)! This commenting thing is great Ramon, keep it up!

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