Cell phone rates get “fair”

I had to read information on Sprint’s new cell phone rates for minutes over the allocated minutes per month several times to really understand what it was all about. Instead of paying hefty per minute charges if you exceed the monthly minutes on your contract, under a new plan by Sprint you’ll pay $2.50 for additional 25 or 30 minute increment calling.
USA Today writes Today, customers across the industry pick a two-year plan based on an estimate of how much calling they will do monthly. But their actual usage varies, so they typically waste minutes by not using their allotment some months or pay hefty fees of about 40 cents a minute when they exceed their quotas.
“If you talk to customers today, their No. 1 fear is what’s going to show up in the bill,” says Sprint Senior Vice President Tim Kelly.
Analysts say the new plan makes sense only for low-volume callers or those whose usage varies wildly. “It will appeal to about 25% of people: people who are risk-averse, have yo-yo patterns of usage or are low-volume callers,” says Yankee Group analyst Roger Entner.