Closing down Wi-Fi in Seattle

Cometa Networks, a Seattle based provider of wireless internet access is shutting down. Several retailers, such as Barrier Motors, 45 coffee shops and others were notified recently that Cometa Networks was shutting down. The reason – not enough Wi-Fi subscribers. This should not be surprising, as larger Wi-Fi providers, with more money to last even if they lose money for some time, enter the market, smaller providers will close down or be bought out. writes Wireless Internet provider Cometa Networks is shutting down its Wi-Fi network, a blow to Tully’s Coffee, Nordstrom Inc. and several other Seattle area retailers that relied on the company’s technology to give shoppers the ability to access the Internet on the go.
The company, based in Schaumburg, Ill., began notifying partners this week, including Tully’s where the Wi-Fi service has been operating in 45 coffee shops since October.
“Somebody from Cometa contacted Tully’s unofficially (on Monday) and told them that there was the possibility that service would cease to exist,” said Tully’s spokesman Louie Richmond. “Because of that Tully’s is looking at alternative service providers.”
Michael Vena, general manager at Barrier Motors, which has offered Wi-Fi access through Cometa at its four Bellevue automobile dealerships for the past six months, received a phone call late yesterday afternoon from a Cometa representative. Vena said he was told that the service would be terminated in the next 30 days.