Digital Experience – pre-Cebit tech showcase

Last night I attended Digital Experience a pre-Cebit technology showcase held every year prior to PC EXPO and more recently also Cebit.
The main competition to Digital Experience is Showstoppers. The difference, Digital Experience has a lot of consumer focused vendors offering graphics technology – digital cameras, photo/video editing software and etc. While Showstoppers has a more broad range and interesting set of exhibitors.
Here are some of the products I wish to high light at Digital Experience:

MindJet showcased its tool MindManager which helps companies organize their thoughts, brainstorms, projects and resulting documentation in one place.
MindJet says it best: ?to enable users to create concise representation of ideas, knowledge and information?

SanDisk was showcasing its stable of memory cards and memory card adapters. Most of its cards are for memory storage and come in various price points representing different speeds and memory sizes. However, SanDisk also has a Wi-Fi Secure Disk (SD) and Compact Flash (CF) card to WiFi enable compatible mobile devices.

Citrix Online was showcasing their solution, GoToMeeting, a web conferencing tool. This is the latest offering in their line of online services which now includes, a way to remotely access your PC and GotoAssist a tool for providing remote technical support to customers.
Gotomeeting, is free through July. Although Citrix Online is entering a very crowded market with many competitors a Citrix Online representative explained that their main strategy was to compete on price. And the price is compelling indeed:
$50 per month or $468 per year per meeting organizer ? as many people, as long or as often as the meeting organizer likes.
Palm One, as usual, was showcasing their line of PDA products and accessories.

IBM (also HP) were on hand, offering a range of their solutions. I was able to see up close IBM?s latest digital projector, the M400. It?s tiny and light, this is the one I would buy.
Emerge Core Networks, was displaying their latest network appliance, the IT-500, IT IN A BOX. The IT-500, in addition to boosting more features than the IT-100, includes a built in CRM tool (I?ve covered Emerge Core?s products on before)

Pricing starts at US$2,300, the IT-500 addresses the needs of businesses with up to 75 networked users. Building on the foundation of the award-winning IT-100, the IT-500 introduces a faster CPU, more memory and hot swap disk technology for increased performance. The IT-500 is easily configurable for direct connection to the Internet via T1/E1 PCI card or through a DSL Cable Modem connection. The IT-500 connects directly to a company?s existing Internet service with no new hardware required.
The embedded 802.11G Wireless Access Point offers extended range coverage via the external antenna connection, which is now standard on the IT-500. With one WAN port and 15 LAN ports, the IT-500 provides instant network connectivity for small-to-medium businesses and branch offices.
Micro Processor maker Transmeta was showcasing their line of processors which enable better mobile products. Why better? Well vendors who use Transmeta?s processors can make their mobile products smaller, give longer battery life since the processor uses less power which results in cooler mobile parts (your lap won’t fry).
The Sharp Actius weighs about 2lbs and is feather light, with three hours of battery life on a regular battery, or 9 hours use an enhanced battery this notebook is a beauty and powered by the Transmeta Efficeon model TM8600.
Well that’s it for Digital Experience.