The dumbness of computing…

Initially I was VERY excited about Google’s Ad Sense program, which serves Google’s text advertising to third party web sites, like These text ads are obviously a hit as publishers are getting regular checks from Google – and it’s not a few cents per month.
However, recently I noticed that text ads, served from Google on were not as appropriate a I would like. For example, I had been getting quite a few ads for “parish lawyer” and then even some public service advertisements. This means one of two things a) Google’s computers could not find better and more relevant ads to serve to my web based on the content of b) there were simply no appropriate advertisements to serve.
Either way, this shows another chink in Google’s armor, and one they are aware of.
If web publishers do not get context sensitive text ads, that do not complement their web site content they’ll remove Google’s ads as I have done a times and used banner advertisements served by BurstMedia in any case.
If Google wants to remain king of search engines, it must ensure that the text ads it is serving to 3rd party web sites is accurate.