Emerge Core’s IT IN A BOX goes international

While much of the attention on US companies is on their mainly US customers, successful companies know that small businesses are in Kansas and in Kuwait.
Emerge Core is one of those companies that is reaching out beyond our borders.
Last week, Boise, Idaho based EmergeCore Networks announced an additional partnership in its worldwide distribution of the IT IN A BOX(R). In an exclusive contract with Zeyad Al-Saleh Trading and Contracting Company, EmergeCore will distribute $3.35 million in IT-100 all-in-one network appliance products and applications to the Kuwait marketplace over the coming two years.
EmergeCore answers smallbiztechnology.com questions:
How did the Kuwait deal come about?
The deal came about after long discussions and investigation by the Zeyad Al-Saleh Company. They have been watching the worldwide press coverage EmergeCore has received and felt like the product was well-suited for the Kuwaiti market– they have a large base of SMBs.
Are you aggressively moving overseas or is this a one time anomaly?
We are indeed moving hard on an aggressive international business plan. We have felt all along that we need to target the countries where networking is still in a growth mode and who also have a large SMB base. This doesn’t mean that we are specifically targeting developing countries, but that we look for a good SMB base and the fact that technology is appreciated and under-utilized.
Why did Al-Saleh chose EmergeCore?
Mr. Al-Saleh chose EmergeCore because he felt it was a great business opportunity. His research team looks at different technologies and felt that the IT IN A BOX concept was sound. When they found that product was very easy to use, they felt we had a home run and wanted to get in on the action. They feel that their market is well-suited for the technology.